Green Ideas

As you may know, we've been trying to keep our wedding as green as possible. Some of our family and friends have been asking, "What can I do to help?" We thought we'd make this page with a few suggestions:
  • Recycle the paper you've received from us: Help reduce our waste by recycling your invitation, programs, and schedules.
  • Offset your travel: getting somewhere has an impact on the environment (unless you walked). Since lots of our family flew and drove to our wedding, this impact starts to add up. Our guests are invited to buy what are called "Carbon Credits" which are investments one makes to put back into the environment at the same rate that one takes out.  Here are some reputable places people can buy carbon credits:
  • Save on wrapping paper: Our friends and family have been so generous with gifts and we cannot begin to express our gratitude for your generosity. We hope you'll think about greener ways to do gifts. Wrapping paper is a lovely touch, but it can sometimes be wasteful, and we promise that we will appreciate the gift just a much sans wrapping.
  • Make a donation: Or consider a gift that helps the community.  We've identified a few of our favorite charities on our registry page.  Or you could make a donation to one of your favorites. 
Those are just some of the ways that you can help us make our wedding green.  If you have other ideas that you'd like to share with all of the people who read our website, please let us know.


Annie & Josh