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Wedding Party

The Bride's Gang

Sister of the Bride 
Bride's Maid of Honor

Becky is the sister of Annie
Her resemblance to Cindy Crawford is 
If her makeup is applied
by someone hired by the bride,
she hopes not to look like a tranny

Cousin of the Bride

Jane has blond hair and blue eyes
She likes to eat chili cheese fries
She may start a riot
if there's no Jack and Diet
Annie and Josh, please stock the 

Bride's Coworker and Friend

She’s on the best AIPAC crews
At dawn, she and Annie pull news
Some can’t get over the shock
When they hear her talk
About being a “proud Texan Jew”

The Groom's Crew

Childhood friend of the Groom
Groom's Maid of Honor

A carpool is where we met
Our fate as friends wasn't set
Now Josh is a brother
Just from another mother
I'd say life-ers a safe bet

College A Cappella Buddy of the Groom

I met Josh in college, where we did sing. 
Then I met Annie whom he started to 
Now I'm at med school in Philly, 
but I know it'd be silly, 
to miss out when he gives her the       
                        wedding ring

College A Cappella Pal of the Groom

A Maryland native, now in DC
I sang with Josh at UMD,
I don't race a car,
But I'm down for a bar,
Josh and Annie - it's time to par-T!